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Another fruit moment
March 24, 2009, 1:10 pm
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I was recently working outside while some people were resurfacing my street. A smallish Asian man came up to me and asked in broken English about my trees. I went down the list as he pointed to the selections in my yard that he seemed familiar with but not the name I was calling them till I stopped at the Jujube. His eye widened and told me that he used to eat them years ago in Laos. He missed the fruit of that tree. He had been looking for one to grow and wondered if it bought it here. Though I barely understood him, he had that gentle smile of longing on his face. I went to the back and picked out one I had in pot and gave it to him. He was excited and pulled out a wad of money from his pocked to give to me and I refused it. He thanked me lightly bowed and ran back to his truck. Of course I felt rather good inside after that.

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That’s what it’s all about! 🙂

Comment by carter

I planted 2 jujube trees here in metro-Atlanta. How are yours doing? Any tips?

Comment by Deema

Mine are doing ok. I say OK because I had one in the front yard that bloomed, but didnt have any fruit for a while and then when the fruit came, they went all that good. It was supposed to be a Lang variety, but did not taste like one – so, I decided to chop it at the trunk and graft 4 other varieties on it last year. Most took, so I hope to get some decent fruit. I have tasted some fresh quality fruit from an orchard. I think they are worth the wait a the problems they can cause. It is hard to come up with tips for these trees. Not many people grow them in the Southeast. The seem to be very happy no matter were you put them. The more sun you give them the better is the only thing I can suggest.
What kind of problems are you having?

Comment by atlantafruitman

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