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April 20, 2009, 12:08 am
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I got my first mosquito  bite today.  I guess their out now. I was hoping they would wait for a while longer so I could enjoy hanging out side – not that I am running for cover… yet, but I will need to be more mindful of covering my body when I am outside. I saw a small swarm around a container of water a few days ago.  I have found that if I put a little dish-washing liquid in the water, their little baby crib becomes a trap. The soap changes the water tension so when they land on the water, they fall in a drown and any larvae that are in the water suffocate.Yeah, I’m a saddest. I actually keep some water outside now to draw them in. Their biting early this year it seems. Our nights are still a bit cold. Maybe cause it is because all of this rain we have been having. I dont know.  Maybe it its me.

This rain is really strange though, after all, we are in a drought pattern right.  Is this the end? Are we going to make up for all the lost rain four the last 4 years? It seems so. Dont get me wrong I like rain. Everything is growing fast and green like I have seen in a long time. There are its down side for me too (not just the bugs). All this rain came during a week when my cherries and almonds were blooming. The bees dont really like to work in the rain, so the flowers suffered in pollination and plus all the wet seems the make mold flourishing the blooms. I will not have a good crop this year. I am not so worried about the Nanking – the production could be cut by half and I still would have plenty to eat and share. I just wanted to have good crop of Stalla cherries to show off.  Its still a bit early to know for sure, I dont think I will have more than a pint or so.

My fingers are crossed.