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May 17, 2009, 2:44 am
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Well, it seem like my bush cherries are ready.  Anyone who knows me has probably heard me mention them.

These are very productive low-care cherries that grow on 6 foot high bushes. They are usually the first fruits to flower and ripen. Now when I mean they are productive, I mean they tend to bend all the branches with fruit. The birds love them as well.  I first I was netted the bushes, but now there generally so many fruits I dont bother. They do have some problems though. The fruit is very delicate. I have to be eaten fresh or within a few days. That also means they cant be easily pitted (at least I havent been able to). Another curious fact is that the cherries will lose its color once cooked – turning into this pink Peptobismol colored goo. This would not make the most attractive preserve. I usually end up freezing most of them and eating them as a snack in the summer heat.

This year the bushes flowered as usual, but I did get the fruit productivity as last year.There are still more than I care to pick, but not a huge amount. It is far worse on my Stalla Dwarf cherry. I have maybe 4-5 fruits!! My theory is all the rain we have been having. There was a period of about a week that it rained almost everyday last month. This was when my bushes and tree were in full bloom.  It restricted the bees from pollinating or maybe the rain did something to the blooms.

Anyway, no tree cherries and few bush cheries this year.