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invasion of the dog penis
May 25, 2009, 9:49 pm
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Sorry for the vulgar title, but seems appropriate for what is happening in the yard. I saw these things last year in the yard for the first time and was rather fascinated by them. This year they came back in an even wider area.  after a little research, I discovered that these are Stinkhorn mushrooms. They are not a sign of anything bad, but they are alarming in the shape, color (in my case) and smell. The on shown here is from recent mushroom walk. The one in my yard is a little smaller and is red in color. The smell is maybe one of somewhere between stinky cheese and sweaty underwear. 🙂    …but yet kinda yeasty

I was told that it is eaten in Asia. I don’t think I will try it this time, but I do plan on examining it further. I have it in the house right now and the smell lingers everywhere.

Maybe I will light a few matches.



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with that smell, i guess you won’t be inviting us in at the tour.

Comment by jeana

Dont worry, there all gone now.

Comment by atlantafruitman

these are stinkhorns. i’ve had them come up in my yard before… they are quite pungent smelling…

Comment by threedog

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