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Fresh Faijoas
November 15, 2009, 11:20 pm
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I know, its been a long time.. I have been busy with a lot of projects. I have even been in yard till recent. Fall is the time to work in the yard and plant new stuff.

I have been doing plenty of that.

Now the Pineapple Guavas are in ripening and falling off the bush.  These are one of the best bushes to have in the front landscape. These are lovely evergreen bushes –Camilla like and care free. I don’t even feed mine. I do lay down leaf mulch and straw each year.

Each late spring, the bush is flushed with light purple fleshy flowers with red stamens. The flower petals are actually mildly sweet and minty if you choose to munch on some.

Around mid November you will get some green-yellow torpedo shaped fruit beginning to drop from the bush. This is one of the reasons I like to have brown mulch under the bush.  If you have grass, you wont be able to find them easily.  Oddly enough birds and squirrels don’t seem to bother them either (knock of wood – as saw one today that had been pecked at a bit by something). Every few days I will go outside to collect ones that have fallen. This will last for about 2 weeks or more. I will bring the bag of them in the kitchen and by the days end the are is filled with a sweet fragrance not to unlike Quince.

For your lack of care with this plant you still get large amount of fruit. With 2 large bushes I get a about a large grocery bag full. of fruit.  You cant beat that!!

It is about time to start sorting them out now. The medium to small or bruised ones I will set aside for wine. The others I will eat fresh, share with friends or try a recipe.

If any goes bad, I don’t waste those either. I wait till thy get real sour a mushy and strain the seeds out for planting new ones. The seed are tiny and difficult work with (about the size kiwi seeds), but readily germinate.


Today was great day for picking it was sunny, but cool. For some good reason this year I got some really big ones! I hope this trend continues. The bees were buzzing around the Loquat tree with great fervor and I was on my back and side in the grass picking up these sweet aromatic gems. I felt like an XTC song made flesh.

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