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Colorful kumquats
November 29, 2009, 2:45 am
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A wonderful gift from my sister this Thanksgiving were some colorful kumquats.  I had never seen ones like this. The fruits were variegated. They like similar to the variegated Spanish limes you see sold at Home Depot sometimes, but these were orange. I had to do a little Googling to find out what they were because I did not think they were pure kumquats.  The current thought is that these are ‘Centennial’ variegated kumquats. I thought maybe a weird hybrid like Orangequats or Citrangequats.  They were a lot larger that one in the stores nor did they have sweet tasting skin/peel, but extremely juicy unlike most kumquats. The fruit did have a sour/acidic tangerine favor.  It was just a bit to sour to eat on its own (though I could get used to it), but I could see something being made with them. She made nice tasting meringue pie with them for Thanksgiving and the year before she made some nice marmalade.  Now I wish I got some more of that pie to take home with me.

This has got me thinking more about citrus I can put in my yard.  There are not many citrus that will grow in north-central Georgia. Most that can grow here are not that tasty, but I have a few choice ones with some possibility (read ode to Thomasville.). I am sure there are others are out there that I haven’t tried yet.  I have recently built a little plastic shelter on the side of my house for my citrus experiments. Its just a PVC structure that I can cover with some 6 mil clear plastic for the coldest nights.  Once these trees get to a goods size I hope they wont need the plastic.

Today I cut these fruits up and plan to try some wine with what she gave me. I of course extracted the seeds to see is I can grow any to add to my collection.  I don’t know how hardy it would be, but I always like to test things.

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I am interested in growing Satsumas and was wondering if you knew of anyone in the area that had been successful with those. I know one person who had some that were killed by the long cold snap this past winter, but he did not try to protect them.

Comment by duckandjunebug

citrus of most kinds will be problematic here. Satsumas are more hardy than others, but they will still need extra protection from our unpredictable winters. If you grow it small under plastic protection (maybe with a small heat source on the coldest of nights), you could very well have a few Satumas in your yard.

That being said, I dont know of anyone who is growing them in the Atlanta area. I do know of someone who grows a small field of the in middle Alabama – not far from here. A person to askt is Stan McKenzie of McKenzie farms. He would know more than I about growing in this area and who is doing it.

Comment by atlantafruitman

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