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December 12, 2009, 7:41 pm
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I friend of mine in a side bar note told me that this fruit nursery that I was vaguely familiar with is starting to sell scion wood from some of their stock.  I guess I didnt pay attention to it at first, cause I looked on web site at a few selection and then moved on.  I didn’t hit me till later that THIS WAS MAJOR! Fruit trees can be expensive if you trying to utilize a large space as a home grower, so usually people just buy a few trees a year. Grafting becomes away that one share material with friends and build a community of fellow orchardist, but if you in area that doenst have a scion exchange group or know few fruit growers, grafting may just end up being more of an academic exercise unless you want to propagate more of what you have.

Now I understand for the nursery that the profit margin on scion wood may be very little and you are catering to a very niche group of amateur fruit growers, but I can say for me this is pretty big news. People around here complain about mulberry weed trees in their yard.  I feel for them if you have bland tasting wild mulberries around taking up space, but now I can get 5 different named variety cutting for under $20 and turn those seedlings to very desirable trees. So this spring I will be very busy. I am sure I will graft the while spring break this year with mulberries, pawpaw  and what ever else come to mind to try.

…now if I could find something to graft on to Chinese privet!

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